Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for Joining the new age e-learning platform for Dermatologists and Cosmetologists.

We at iDoc Academy respect your privacy and herewith we would like to give you understanding on how we collect and use your data. This privacy policy covers sources of your data collection, description about use of that data & its security.

This privacy policy will be applicable when you visit our iDoc Academy website and our mobile application.

By using our services, it is self-explanatory acceptance of our terms & conditions and privacy policy.


1. What data we collect/get

While creating an account with iDoc Academy, you may provide some information what is called “Personal Data,” such as your full name, email address, your degree, gender, profile picture or other details which you enter yourself.

We also collect some data automatically, like information about your device and what parts of our services you interact with or spend time using. The categories of personal information we collect may include:


1.1 Account Data - In order to use certain features (like enrolling in a course), you need to create an account. When you create or update your account, we collect and store the data you provide, like your email address, password, degree and profile picture.

1.2 Profile Data - You can also choose to provide profile information like a photo, website link, social media profiles, or other data.

1.3 Course Data - When you enrol in and take courses, we collect certain data including which courses you have purchased on which date, when you have completed & your interaction with faculty. (Like question or query about the purchased course)

1.4 Payment Data - If you make purchases, we collect certain data about your purchase which are necessary to process your order. You must provide certain payment and billing data directly to our payment processing partners, including your name, credit card information, billing address, and zip code. For security, iDoc Academy does not collect or store sensitive card-holder data, such as full credit card numbers or card authentication data.

1.5 Data About Your Accounts on Other Services - We may get certain information through your social media if it is connected to your iDoc account. If you login to iDoc Academy via Facebook, we will ask for your permission to access certain information about that account. For example, depending on the platform or service we may collect your name, profile picture, login email address, location, the physical location of your access devices, gender, birthday, and list of friends or contacts.

That platform and service make information available to us through APIs. The information we receive depends on what information you (via your privacy settings) or the platform or service decide to give us.


2 How we get Data about you

2.1 If you contact us for support or to report a problem or concern we collect and store your contact information, messages, and other data about you like your name, email address, location, operating system, IP address, and any other data you provide or that we collect through automated means (which we cover below). We use this data to respond to you and research your question or concern.

2.2 Data we collect through automated means - When you access the services (including browsing courses), we collect certain data automatically.


  1. Device/Instrument Data: Technical data about your device like device type, operating system, browser language, IP Address, Unique device Identifier, and other system data.
  2. Usage Data: Usage statistics about your interactions with the services, Including Courses, accessed, time spent on the page or service, Pages visited, features used, your search, click data, date & time & other data regarding your use of services.
  3. Geographic Data: Your geographical location including country & city. 


 2.3 Data Collection – Cookies - Data Collection Tools automatically track and collect certain System Data and Usage Data when you use the services of iDoc Academy.

We use cookies (small files that websites/Application send to your device to uniquely identify your browser or device or to store data in your browser) for things like analysing your use of the Services, personalizing your experience, making it easier to log into the services, and recognizing you when you return. Keep track of whether you are signed in or have previously signed in so that we can display all the features that are available to you.


iDoc Academy uses the following types of cookies:

  1. Preferences: Cookies that remember data about your browser and preferred settings that affect the appearance and behaviour of the services.
  2. Security: Cookies used to enable you to log in and access the Services; protect against fraudulent logins; and help detect and prevent abuse or unauthorized use of your account.
  3. Functional: cookies that store functional settings (like the volume level you set for video playback).
  4. Session State: Cookies that track your interactions with the Services to help us improve the Services and your browsing experience, remember your login details, and enable processing of your course purchases. These are strictly necessary for the Services to work properly, so if you disable them then certain functionalities will break or be unavailable.
  5. Settings: Remember your settings on the pages you visit, so that we can display your preferred content the next time you visit.


3. How we use the information we collect:

We use all the information which we have collected directly or indirectly for enhancing, maintain & Update our features and services.

iDoc Academy uses the above information in the following ways:

3.1 To personalize your experience - We use the information to personalize your experience while using the service, for instance, iDoc Academy remembers your recent activity so we can recommend the most appropriate content for you on your next visit and provide personalized learning experiences.

3.2 To communicate with you - We use your information to communicate with you about your account and respond to inquiries. We may also use your Personal Information to provide you with information about iDoc Academy’s features, services and other offers that may be of your interest to know.

3.3 To understand, improve, and develop our Service - iDoc Academy uses all of the information that you provide or that we collect from users to understand and analyse the usage trends, learning behaviours and preferences of our users, to improve the way the service works and looks and to create new features and functionality.

If you have any questions about or would like further information concerning what we collect and how we use your personal information, please contact us.


4. Choices & security about your data

You can choose not to provide certain data to us, but you may not be able to use certain features of the services.

4.1 To stop receiving promotional communications from us, you can opt-out by using the unsubscribe mechanism. Note that regardless of your email preference settings, we will send you transactional and relationship messages regarding the services including administrative confirmations, order confirmations, important updates about the services, and notices about our policies.


  1. Database storage: your information is stored in a dedicated professional and encrypted server. Access to the server is permitted only with private login details.
  2. Security procedures: we may request a proof of identity before we disclose any personal information to you on respective occasions.
  3. Physical security measures: we restrict access to personal information only to iDoc Academy employees. To prevent unauthorized access or misuse of this information.


5 Modifications to This Privacy Policy

5.1 iDoc Academy may modify or revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. iDoc Academy will notify users of any changes to our Privacy Policy by posting the revised Privacy Policy with an updated date of revision on our service.

If we change this Policy in a material manner, we will do our best to notify you of the changes by posting a notice on our website/Application.

5.2 Your continued use of the Services following the effective date of such update constitutes your acceptance of the revised policy.


6. Questions

6.1 If you have any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our support team +91 9512518181 


7. Contacting iDoc Academy

Kindly contact iDoc Academy for any questions or comments by mailing at

8. How users can request data deletion?

To delete your data and account from iDoc Academy you can click on your profile name from the side menu in the application and click on the delete account option and we will delete all your data from our database permanently or you can also send us an email on :

"" and request your data deletion we will delete your data within 7 days.
While sending us data deletion request you can share your reason with us on "Why you want to delete your account...?"




Thank you

Thank you doctor for your interest in iDoc Academy and submitting your details.
We will contact you with further details to get in as an instructor.


Thank you very much for registering your details on iDoc Academy. Our team is verifying your submitted details and within 2 working days, your account will get verified

You would only be able to enrol in any course once your account has got verified.



iDoc Academy is only for practicing dermatologists. You can enrol in iDoc Academy only if you are dermatologist or a PG student. In case if we find that you are not a dermatologist, your account will be suspended and legal actions may be taken, and in that case, you may not ask for the refund of your enrolment fees.


iDoc Academy is only for practicing dermatologists. You can enrol in iDoc Academy only if you are dermatologist or a PG student. In case if we find that you are not a dermatologist, your account will be suspended and legal actions may be taken, and in that case, you may not ask for the refund of your enrolment fees.