Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


1.1 This website is operated by “iDoc Academy”.

1.2 All content and communication belong to “iDoc Academy”. By reading the Terms of use you are agreeing that the content and property of “iDoc Academy” courses cannot be copied, reproduced, modified, stored, redistributed or exploited commercially in any way without permission from “iDoc Academy”.

1.3 “iDoc Academy” may change the content, which includes prices & offers as per the requirement/situation. We do not provide warranty or guarantee of its execution accuracy.

1.4 It will be your responsibility to ensure that any course you purchase is suitable for your current requirements because “iDoc Academy” will not provide any replacement of the course.

1.5 In “iDoc Academy” faculties do not endorse any brand, you need to decide on the brand you need to go for with your wisdom only. The only purpose of faculty demonstrating any brand of technology or brand of formula is just only because it is available to them handy, no conflict of interest with any brand.

1.6 All materials, which include content, images, layout, graphics, design and appearance belong to “iDoc Academy” only.



2.1  Courses in “iDoc Academy” are created in such a way that most of the queries are resolved in those modules only but in unlikely event of having some new query which has not been answered in the module, you can post your query through the app, directly to the concerned faculty and the concerned faculty would answer your query if not already covered in the module at his/her earliest time available.

2.2  “iDoc Academy” is committed to creating amazing learning experience and all “iDoc Academy” faculties are committed to doing everything within their control for the retention of the knowledge and that’s why few questionnaires have been designed to be performed which is though not compulsory but most advisable by all renowned faculties to ensure a higher rate of knowledge retention and quality education.

2.3   You will have access to the next module of the course only after successfully completing the first module, As the core purpose of “iDoc Academy” is education. This functionality has been specially designed.

2.4   You will receive a certificate of completion of the course by faculty and “iDoc Academy” in digital form which you can print and use for your display purposes.

2.5   On completion of the course you need to give your rating to the course and review of the course which not only helps your other colleagues to choose the right suitable course for them but this will also encourage the renowned faculty by giving a feeling of fulfillment.

2.6   Your course’s each session will be unlocked one by one only in a way if you have watched the video of each module in a proper manner without skipping then only the next session will be unlocked.



3.1   Everyone requires to have an account for most activities on our platform, including to purchase and enrolment.

3.2   While enrolling on “iDoc Academy” you must provide accurate and complete information, including a valid email address.

3.3 You are completely responsible for your account and everything that happens on your account.

3.4 You have to be alert for your credentials If by chance you forget any of detail of your credentials, we at-least need something to regenerate it. we will not grant you such access unless you can provide at-least single credential information for that account.

3.5 User can operate “iDoc Academy” account from only one Instrument with using of same credential. “iDoc Academy” will not allow accessing the same account from two different instruments.



4.1 Downloading “iDoc Academy” Application is free of cost.

4.2 Whatever courses you have purchased, you will be allowed accessing that course up to one year from the date of purchase.

4.3 We do not allow any exchange or return after purchasing the course.

4.4 Course selection would be complete student/ Delegate's choice, if we display any course detail in our home page then it will be considered as a knowledge-sharing medium for new or popular courses of our “iDoc Academy”. Nowhere we are asking you to purchase that course.

4.5 which course you have purchased is strictly for the viewing purpose of the purchaser only, nobody else should be able to view by any means the courses you purchased.

4.6 Sharing Information and market some new courses are part of our knowledge sharing e-learning platform.

4.7 Any registered account with “iDoc Academy” is strictly non - transferable.

4.8 The advice given is best as per the know-how of the faculty. However, faculty in no way is liable or responsible for any uneventful outcome of the procedure.



5.1 “iDoc Academy” works with third-party payment processing partners to offer you the most convenient payment methods to keep your payment information secure.

5.2 While making the payment if you face any trouble you can contact to our support department, they will guide you with possible available way.


6.1 Course prices are a result of mutual decision and acceptance between faculty doctors and “iDoc Academy”. 

6.2 There is plenty of content available in the app like teaser video, and some of the course which is free of cost to all the students.

6.3 “iDoc Academy” may offer special discounts on selected courses for the mentioned time only, we will not accept any request to purchase that course in offered price which has already gone.



7.1 The jurisdiction center will be Rajkot.



8.1 The best way to reach us is to contact our Support Team. We’d love to hear your questions, concerns, and feedback about our Services.

Thank you for learning with us. Stay Tune!



Thank you

Thank you doctor for your interest in iDoc Academy and submitting your details.
We will contact you with further details to get in as an instructor.


Thank you very much for registering your details on iDoc Academy. Our team is verifying your submitted details and within 2 working days, your account will get verified

You would only be able to enrol in any course once your account has got verified.



iDoc Academy is only for practicing dermatologists. You can enrol in iDoc Academy only if you are dermatologist or a PG student. In case if we find that you are not a dermatologist, your account will be suspended and legal actions may be taken, and in that case, you may not ask for the refund of your enrolment fees.


iDoc Academy is only for practicing dermatologists. You can enrol in iDoc Academy only if you are dermatologist or a PG student. In case if we find that you are not a dermatologist, your account will be suspended and legal actions may be taken, and in that case, you may not ask for the refund of your enrolment fees.